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Gold Reef City Theme Park

Northern Park Way, Johannesburg South, Gauteng


Gold reef city is located in the Park of Ormonde, Johannesburg, in the province of Gauteng in South Africa. This theme park exciting, adjacent to gold reef City Casino, featuring more than 30 rides consist of water slides, roller-coaster and Ferris wheels, swings to suit excitement seeking, households and babies of all ages.

In accordance with its name, this entertainment Wonderland theme on the Witwatersrand Gold Rush. Staff to walk in the garden in the 1980s costumes and buildings designed to mimic the architecture of that time.

Visitors can expect a full day of performances with the theatre lessons and history at the Museum. The Museum is committed to the gold mines, where you expect to see how gold is pelted into barrels and veins of ore containing gold. Other activities include play with barnyard animals and watch movies at the cinema film 4 has two films simultaneously with 3D effects, a surround sound and chairs that move in synchronization with the film.

Surf on the gold reef city include:

Thrill rides

Jozi express
Revenge of the minor
The sweeping River rapids
Tower of terror
Riding for children

And saucer
Elephant riding
The jungle train
Shongololo coaster
Tourist attractions

Scene 4
Animal farm
The history of hazelnut gold
Turtle Creek-inch inch


    • R165 for adults, R130 for students, R110 for pensioners, R100 for toddlers, and free for under 3 years.

Best world attractive place Whitehaven beach in the Australia

Whitehaven beach is a certain «must ascertain» in the Whitsundays. Crystal clear Aqua and Whitehaven Virgin silica sand, which stretches seven kilometres along Easter Island, the largest island in the Whitsundays 74. And to specify the nature at its justest and provides the maximum relaxation and escape. Once you reach, it is easy to see why it is that the most photographed Beach in Australia has been named the best area of the beach of "South Pacific" by travellers TripAdvisor 2015 pick award. At the north end of Whitehaven beach is the entrance to the Hill, superb Creek where the tide moves sand and water to create a nice blend of colors. Like the tide, travel, white and turquoise sunglasses silica sand input to blend perfectly to create a breathtaking view on the swirling colors of Easter. For the best display, trip to the point of view of language on Easter Island. While your experience you are looking for low tide completely experience the fusion of the beautiful colors of this surface. Baribwats, the best place to anchor in the Bay and overlooking the beach to start a short walk to the top of lookout Hill entrance to Whitehaven Beach Hill and down across a secluded beach, on the edge of the entrance to the Hill. There are numerous ways to discover the beauty of the entrance to the Hill. Many accompanies offer day trips to Whitehaven Beach and the entrance to the Hill by power of ferry boat, yacht or luxury. Most cruises sail from one day to the next day also stop here. Autonomous Battice and same camp anchor a night or more off the beach, or the book of the camp of the National Park and camp at the southerly end of the creator of Whitehaven Beach itself.More on camping here.

Recent awards Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach called among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here are some of our celebrated Whitehaven Beach recently prices: • Best beach in the South Pacific-TripAdvisor travelers' Choice Awards 2015 • Best beach in the South Pacific region and the top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the world-«choice awards» 2014 travellers TripAdvisor • Best beach in Australia and the top 3 of the best beaches in the world ' choice awards 2013 TripAdvisor Traveler " • Cnn.com named friendly beach in the world-2010

Bangladeshi Attractive Place Madhabkunda waterfall

Travel Bangladesh : Sylhet Division
Madhabkunda waterfall is among the attractive tourist sites in Sylhet. Many tourists come and picnic parties to madhabkunda every day to enjoy. You can go to Sylhet madhabkunda if go you by road or Clara if you go by train.
Railway station of Clara in on road an hour since the minibus to madhabkunda. Travel to exotic madhabkunda himself. How you are able to see the beauty of the green tea garden and the hills and the road that winds through the hills increase the joy of vol. Madhabkunda waterfall will see Grand-falls million tonnes of form the depth of 200 feet. A grand more "BOLD" stones and black stones give shape to madabkondo care. There is a motel with a good bargatan restaurant the wevoding of accommodation.

[Cascade madabkondo]
There is also a District Council for the bongolo overnight. Here you can enjoy feelings of adventure in the forest. Everything you need to be already booking bongolo Office molbfiazar Zilla Parishad.

: Forest tropical lawachira

Forest tropical wet lawachira a forest significant & well for Bangladesh. Here, the visitor finds that Gibbons swim through the trees and birds such as parrots album Bee-eater. Good Wehos deer, leopard and wild chickens, Chipmunks and Python. Not to be missed, especially if you're a bird watcher. Mountainous terrain and dense vegetation. A single tree of rare chloroform in Asia is the main attraction.

Manipuri & khasia two important cultural tribe lives here. Manipuri is famous for it has rich acculturation, especially for dance and sing. And also famous traditional fabric. You can buy wonderfully woven crafts wool. Should shawl, slaves, napkin, tablecloth and a few bags. It is known as the colored community. Khasia tribe is famous for the betel nut culture. They make their villages high atop a hill in the deep forest, far from the city. It's like a "piece of paradise". Certainly please you.

Culture of pineapple-pineapple sweet and best quality cultivated here in Bangladesh. Pineapple shows really most of the summer, but now cultivated throughout the year. So you are able to enjoy the summer of juicy fruit has come it is true.

: Craft Sylhet

Sylhet is familiar for a wide range of craft products. Products cane Sylhet as Chair and table and trays of tea, flower vases and bags, "Seattle came" fine well designed (sort of cooling effect of natural mattresses).

: Manipuri dance

An interesting feature of interest in the region of Sylhet is native tribes such as tiberas, moniboris, khasias garos live still in their primitive in the hills, the practice of ancient rituals, rites, customs and customs. During festivals as eruption at the wedolgatra of the night (the night of the full moon in February), pretty girls wear colorful dresses, dancing with love & choice of male members. Moniboris dance performance, based on themes from the allegorical love of ancient mythology.

Accommodation in the city of Sylhet, there are some reasonably good hotels. House of rest in srimangal and elsewhere are also available for tourists.

Best attractive places in the world"Taj Mahal"

We know that the "Crown" is one of the wonders of the world!
Someone knows he is one of the UNESCO World inheritance sites!
Anyone knows "The Crown" as a legend of the eternal love of the emperor for his favorites of the Queen!

taj mahal at night at full moon nights
EH well, "Taj Mahal" differences behind it all!
Therefore, the "Taj Mahal", don't forget to visit once more!

Come, walk along the path at the edge of the pool with fountains up reflects the shrine placed in the soft pure gold & marble with semi-precious stones, purely paradise located on the peace of the Queen with the King. Come to please unfold the pages from the past of violence outside its magical charm and enrich your imagination on this marvel epic in stone, 'Taj '!

best love story: Shah jahan and mumtaz mahal love story
Shah jahan and mumtaz mahal love story

Grace of perfection and the greatness of the geometric model of the gardens also promote the composed together poise add splendor to the sensitivity of the MAS this love and devotion and purity, 'Taj Mahal '!

Come swim in the epic of 'Taj Mahal', drawn out of the not of imagination but fact and try to epic, which are meetings of nothing other than perfect love!

Taj Mahal inside

Beauty lies down beholder! Maybe it's the "Taj Mahal", just the opposite assumption. The beauty of the Crown is personified! Displays the different moods of Crown through its various shades. The Crown has many shades could never have any sort of beauty! Milky the Crown in the morning, white rose, in the evening, when the moon shines gold and variable intermediaries during another hours of the daytime and during different seasons in years.
beautiful Taj mahal inside dome
Taj mahal inside dome
They painted the picturesque descriptions by historians of the time, the facts revealed by the scientists and archaeologists today & mounting of the reasons behind what makes each step, you can walk around the shrine, the next time you visit the Taj Mahal!

This time the look of the Crown will keep you immersed with ideas to impose your vision and will make you feel the comportment of Shah Jahan and maker and Mumtaz Mahal and the reason, as if accompanying you.

In fact a splendor breathtaking, that you wonder and eagerness that you tend to stop for awhile, but continue to look at the "Taj Mahal", you feel them standing next to you!

If you have a heart that beats and beat chimes, the purity of love in abundance! Certainly merit a visit to the "Crown", to the extent where the "Taj Mahal" worth a visit once and much more!
We arrived at the "Crown" proudly Hana! Bring the saga come alive! Provided, fall in love, all time!

Hours-visit Taj Mahal "Sunrise to sunset (closed on Friday) also other memorials - from sunrise to the sunset.

Entry Fee For Taj Mahal

S.No. Tourist Type Amount (Rs.) (Inclusive of ASI & ADA fees )
1. Foreign tourist
2. Citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries
3. Domestic/Indian Rs. 20/-
Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001, India

+91 562 222 6431
  1. For any price Heritage Sites tickets are available on Ticket Counters of global Heritage Sites in India.
  2.  A composite plant ticket of Taj Mahal (comprehensive of ASI & ADA fees) is usable at all World inheritance Sites in Republic of India.
  3. No Entry fee for kids below the old age of fifteen years. (both Domestic and Foreigner)

The highest Attractive place powerscourt waterfall in the Ireland

Powerscourt waterfall in Ireland 121 m (398 feet) and is 5 km from the "real estate". It is located in one of the most beautiful parks in Ireland in the foothills from the Wicklow.

You can also drive from gatilodgi to the waterfall is surrounded by beech and oak trees and pine trees planted for more than 200 years warzih. Search giant sequoias, which originate in Northern California, where it can grow up to 80 metres high and live 4,000 years where he is still young!

The waterfall is an ideal place for summer breezes and barbecues. There is a large amount of space to entertain children. There's also a playground for young children. But keep in mind other Garden residents! A haven for wildlife and children can buoy have fun trying to find out some of the local residents - brambling, cuckoo, Raven and willow Warbler. Another populations introduced in Ireland in 1858 sika deers and there peradventure a red squirrel or two.

Don't worry if you forget your picnic and there is also a kiosk on site which offers coffee and tea, hot dogs and ice cream. The kiosk is open every day from June 1 at the end of the month of August and throughout the weekend, weather permitting. There are parking and ample car toilet cascading. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash.

Take the time to research the roads winding through the plants and animals, walk along the wooded paths and listen to the song of the birds. Discover the first tourists to the waterfall bouerskort.


The waterfall is located 6 km from the estate of bouerskort. Dublin and Wexford - you take exit 8. After 2 km turn left towards aniskiri and follow the directions for the cascade of bouerskort. Here's a map of the waterfall of bouerskort.


Provide "trainers Dowling Norman tour diary for the cascade of bouerskort. They are also on other sites of historical and cultural along the way, until you can see the best County Wicklow has to offer. Contact lens Norman Dowling trainers to learn more!

Working time

• January/February/November/December 10:30 - 16:00

• March/April/May/October 10:30 - 17:30
• May, June, July, August 09:30 - 19:00
• Waterfall close 2 weeks prior to Christmas each year


• Adults €5.50, student/Senior: €5,00

• Child (U12) €3.50, children (U2) free
• Family ticket €16.00 (2 adults 3 children &)

Annual membership

• Annual subscriptions provide unlimited access to the bouerskort of real estate, the gardens and the waterfall during normal working hours.

Members enjoy exclusive accession to the 'bouerskort River Walk"has 3 km of quiet lanes and jungle paths. The way of bouerskort of "Viscount" in the "River Walk" in 1868 so that his family could enjoy the serenity 'dargli River.
• Individual membership costs €95,00 family €160,00 for 2 adults and capable four children. Please contact your annual pass purchase at the reception at the House of bouerskort or gatilodgi at the entrance to the waterfall. Learn more about the annual subscription of bouerskort.


Best attractive place Dakishwari Temple(Bengali: ঢাকেশ্বরী জাতীয় মন্দির)

Dakishwari Temple (Bengali:  Dhakeshwari National shrine  known Munther Dhakeshshori  Dhakesshori ) a Hindu tabernacle successful Dhaka, Bangladesh. It's owned by The State, Giving It The distinction of being 'National' temple in Bangladesh. The name "dakishwari" ( Dhakesshori  Dhakeshshori) Which means 'Goddess of Dhaka'. Since the destruction of ramona Kali Mandir in 1971 "Pakistan Army" on the Bangladesh liberation state of war ", the Temple of dakishwari case as the most authoritative Hindu house of God in Bangladesh.
Dakishwari Temple is located in The "Old Dhaka ', about one kilometer North of The Fort, a short road dakishwari lalbag Alley. It is The Main The city of Hindu temple. Popular Legend associates The Advert of a King, balalsina, AS a Builder , but it's not identical with the King Sena 12th century this name. Unable to set the style of the computer architecture of the temple at that time. In addition, the sand lime, mortar was used in the building, for use in Bengal after the Muslim conquest.
On the other hand, shows the architectural characteristics and structural of the temple Builder is a person who has very little effect on the culture of Bengal. Many features, indicate resemble the Arakanese religion and religious applies. Suggests a convergence with the mags "Tantric Buddhism" twin gods.
It is assumed that the machine returns to the show of architectural monuments to align structures Arakanese and mags. All this suggests that the manufacturer of this temple is one of the Ray, who was Mangat RAM, also known as balalasina, the younger brother of King Arakanais shrisodarma, son of the famous Arakanese King Raja maulana "aka Husen Shah. Mangat RAM had to bend down in Dhaka have been moved away from Arakan.
It seems And That The Temple is dakishwari Covered in The Mystery of origin. At The commencing of Bert Bradley wrote The 20th century,Webeden blackjack tipsThe temple That is more Than 200 years, and It is built on a Hindu of the agent of the East Indies Company. Since ages, erected in the Temple of great grandness. The original statue of 800 years - was demolished during the war of independence in 1971 by the Pakistan army. The temple complex underwent a repair, renovation and reconstruction in the long years of beingness and its current state does not clearly indicate which of the original architectural features.
Dakishwari temple festival
There are 4 diminished temples of the same sized and shape in the northeast corner of the tank, which are one from East to West. Each of it based on the bar very high and came near by a flight of markets and Bandar Lengeh Shiva indoors. North of the NAT-Mandir Temple is facing South. A structure composed of three bedrooms with balcony in front after fine wooden doors with curves of different decorations, floral sculpture both. The temple is open every day, and people of all religions can conclude.