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Best world attractive place Whitehaven beach in the Australia

Whitehaven beach is a certain «must ascertain» in the Whitsundays. Crystal clear Aqua and Whitehaven Virgin silica sand, which stretches seven kilometres along Easter Island, the largest island in the Whitsundays 74. And to specify the nature at its justest and provides the maximum relaxation and escape. Once you reach, it is easy to see why it is that the most photographed Beach in Australia has been named the best area of the beach of "South Pacific" by travellers TripAdvisor 2015 pick award. At the north end of Whitehaven beach is the entrance to the Hill, superb Creek where the tide moves sand and water to create a nice blend of colors. Like the tide, travel, white and turquoise sunglasses silica sand input to blend perfectly to create a breathtaking view on the swirling colors of Easter. For the best display, trip to the point of view of language on Easter Island. While your experience you are looking for low tide completely experience the fusion of the beautiful colors of this surface. Baribwats, the best place to anchor in the Bay and overlooking the beach to start a short walk to the top of lookout Hill entrance to Whitehaven Beach Hill and down across a secluded beach, on the edge of the entrance to the Hill. There are numerous ways to discover the beauty of the entrance to the Hill. Many accompanies offer day trips to Whitehaven Beach and the entrance to the Hill by power of ferry boat, yacht or luxury. Most cruises sail from one day to the next day also stop here. Autonomous Battice and same camp anchor a night or more off the beach, or the book of the camp of the National Park and camp at the southerly end of the creator of Whitehaven Beach itself.More on camping here.

Recent awards Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach called among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here are some of our celebrated Whitehaven Beach recently prices: • Best beach in the South Pacific-TripAdvisor travelers' Choice Awards 2015 • Best beach in the South Pacific region and the top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the world-«choice awards» 2014 travellers TripAdvisor • Best beach in Australia and the top 3 of the best beaches in the world ' choice awards 2013 TripAdvisor Traveler " • Cnn.com named friendly beach in the world-2010

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