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Gold Reef City Theme Park

Northern Park Way, Johannesburg South, Gauteng


Gold reef city is located in the Park of Ormonde, Johannesburg, in the province of Gauteng in South Africa. This theme park exciting, adjacent to gold reef City Casino, featuring more than 30 rides consist of water slides, roller-coaster and Ferris wheels, swings to suit excitement seeking, households and babies of all ages.

In accordance with its name, this entertainment Wonderland theme on the Witwatersrand Gold Rush. Staff to walk in the garden in the 1980s costumes and buildings designed to mimic the architecture of that time.

Visitors can expect a full day of performances with the theatre lessons and history at the Museum. The Museum is committed to the gold mines, where you expect to see how gold is pelted into barrels and veins of ore containing gold. Other activities include play with barnyard animals and watch movies at the cinema film 4 has two films simultaneously with 3D effects, a surround sound and chairs that move in synchronization with the film.

Surf on the gold reef city include:

Thrill rides

Jozi express
Revenge of the minor
The sweeping River rapids
Tower of terror
Riding for children

And saucer
Elephant riding
The jungle train
Shongololo coaster
Tourist attractions

Scene 4
Animal farm
The history of hazelnut gold
Turtle Creek-inch inch


    • R165 for adults, R130 for students, R110 for pensioners, R100 for toddlers, and free for under 3 years.


  1. wow, this sounds amazing and funny :)


  2. I have a friend who lives in Gauteng and I always wanted to visit her... so I may do it one day, and reading about the place here was very nice!

  3. I am so eager to visit South Africa, particularly Gauteng, and this park with cool rides seems so nice!