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Beautiful bangladesh in the Dhaka City

 "Bangladesh Railway station" A lot of village people go to his own house for EID day
This scenery was at night
Shapla Chattor
Tourist Attractions of Dhaka City, a Historical and Capital City of Bangladesh
Dhaka (Bangla: ঢাকা, pronounced: English formerly capital of Bangladesh) is the capital of Bangladesh. The main town of the territory of Dhaka Division Dhaka. Is an area of Dhaka "11 about of City of London proper in the world with a universe of 12 million. It addresses an area of capital of Bangladesh "a population of 17 million. The historic district of Dhaka stands on duty the shore eastern United States of the river buriganga. It is located in the central part of the Delta of Bengal. Bengali Muslims represent the absolute majority of the population, accompanied by Bengali Hindus and Buddhists, Christian religion, Bahai Bengali communities.
During the Mongol conglomerate in the 17th century, the township "Jahangir Nagar". And constituted the capital letter of Bengal and gauze of creation trade centre approximately the world, with Bengali traders, Armenian language, Persian, Greek, French, English people, Gujarati, Dutch, Lusitanian and Danish. The British East Indies Company took charge of City of London in 1793. The modern city has been arose at the conclusion of the 19th century under British people rule. It constituted the capital of the Assam and southeastern Bengal between 1905 and 1911. Became the administrative capital letter of East Pakistan after the naval division of the British Republic of India "in 1947. During the war of dismissal of Bangladesh inward 1971, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Modern Dhaka is the center on of semipolitical, economic and cultural aliveness in Bangladesh. An significant financial center in south-east Asia. Dhaka was "ISESCO cultural capital of Asia". It assists the airport from shahjalal outside and linked to City of London of Chittagong port by road and by railroad line Grand Trunk. Among the most densely domiciliated and fastest all over in John Major cities of the world, they are facing many sociable and economic challenges coarse to the developing domain, including traffic congestion, crime and urban contamination, impoverishment and overpopulation.
With a daily traffic over 600 000 course jinrikishas, is nicknamed jinrikisha in capital of Bangladesh in the world.