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Bangladeshi Attractive Place Madhabkunda waterfall

Travel Bangladesh : Sylhet Division
Madhabkunda waterfall is among the attractive tourist sites in Sylhet. Many tourists come and picnic parties to madhabkunda every day to enjoy. You can go to Sylhet madhabkunda if go you by road or Clara if you go by train.
Railway station of Clara in on road an hour since the minibus to madhabkunda. Travel to exotic madhabkunda himself. How you are able to see the beauty of the green tea garden and the hills and the road that winds through the hills increase the joy of vol. Madhabkunda waterfall will see Grand-falls million tonnes of form the depth of 200 feet. A grand more "BOLD" stones and black stones give shape to madabkondo care. There is a motel with a good bargatan restaurant the wevoding of accommodation.

[Cascade madabkondo]
There is also a District Council for the bongolo overnight. Here you can enjoy feelings of adventure in the forest. Everything you need to be already booking bongolo Office molbfiazar Zilla Parishad.

: Forest tropical lawachira

Forest tropical wet lawachira a forest significant & well for Bangladesh. Here, the visitor finds that Gibbons swim through the trees and birds such as parrots album Bee-eater. Good Wehos deer, leopard and wild chickens, Chipmunks and Python. Not to be missed, especially if you're a bird watcher. Mountainous terrain and dense vegetation. A single tree of rare chloroform in Asia is the main attraction.

Manipuri & khasia two important cultural tribe lives here. Manipuri is famous for it has rich acculturation, especially for dance and sing. And also famous traditional fabric. You can buy wonderfully woven crafts wool. Should shawl, slaves, napkin, tablecloth and a few bags. It is known as the colored community. Khasia tribe is famous for the betel nut culture. They make their villages high atop a hill in the deep forest, far from the city. It's like a "piece of paradise". Certainly please you.

Culture of pineapple-pineapple sweet and best quality cultivated here in Bangladesh. Pineapple shows really most of the summer, but now cultivated throughout the year. So you are able to enjoy the summer of juicy fruit has come it is true.

: Craft Sylhet

Sylhet is familiar for a wide range of craft products. Products cane Sylhet as Chair and table and trays of tea, flower vases and bags, "Seattle came" fine well designed (sort of cooling effect of natural mattresses).

: Manipuri dance

An interesting feature of interest in the region of Sylhet is native tribes such as tiberas, moniboris, khasias garos live still in their primitive in the hills, the practice of ancient rituals, rites, customs and customs. During festivals as eruption at the wedolgatra of the night (the night of the full moon in February), pretty girls wear colorful dresses, dancing with love & choice of male members. Moniboris dance performance, based on themes from the allegorical love of ancient mythology.

Accommodation in the city of Sylhet, there are some reasonably good hotels. House of rest in srimangal and elsewhere are also available for tourists.


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