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Best attractive place Dakishwari Temple(Bengali: ঢাকেশ্বরী জাতীয় মন্দির)

Dakishwari Temple (Bengali:  Dhakeshwari National shrine  known Munther Dhakeshshori  Dhakesshori ) a Hindu tabernacle successful Dhaka, Bangladesh. It's owned by The State, Giving It The distinction of being 'National' temple in Bangladesh. The name "dakishwari" ( Dhakesshori  Dhakeshshori) Which means 'Goddess of Dhaka'. Since the destruction of ramona Kali Mandir in 1971 "Pakistan Army" on the Bangladesh liberation state of war ", the Temple of dakishwari case as the most authoritative Hindu house of God in Bangladesh.
Dakishwari Temple is located in The "Old Dhaka ', about one kilometer North of The Fort, a short road dakishwari lalbag Alley. It is The Main The city of Hindu temple. Popular Legend associates The Advert of a King, balalsina, AS a Builder , but it's not identical with the King Sena 12th century this name. Unable to set the style of the computer architecture of the temple at that time. In addition, the sand lime, mortar was used in the building, for use in Bengal after the Muslim conquest.
On the other hand, shows the architectural characteristics and structural of the temple Builder is a person who has very little effect on the culture of Bengal. Many features, indicate resemble the Arakanese religion and religious applies. Suggests a convergence with the mags "Tantric Buddhism" twin gods.
It is assumed that the machine returns to the show of architectural monuments to align structures Arakanese and mags. All this suggests that the manufacturer of this temple is one of the Ray, who was Mangat RAM, also known as balalasina, the younger brother of King Arakanais shrisodarma, son of the famous Arakanese King Raja maulana "aka Husen Shah. Mangat RAM had to bend down in Dhaka have been moved away from Arakan.
It seems And That The Temple is dakishwari Covered in The Mystery of origin. At The commencing of Bert Bradley wrote The 20th century,Webeden blackjack tipsThe temple That is more Than 200 years, and It is built on a Hindu of the agent of the East Indies Company. Since ages, erected in the Temple of great grandness. The original statue of 800 years - was demolished during the war of independence in 1971 by the Pakistan army. The temple complex underwent a repair, renovation and reconstruction in the long years of beingness and its current state does not clearly indicate which of the original architectural features.
Dakishwari temple festival
There are 4 diminished temples of the same sized and shape in the northeast corner of the tank, which are one from East to West. Each of it based on the bar very high and came near by a flight of markets and Bandar Lengeh Shiva indoors. North of the NAT-Mandir Temple is facing South. A structure composed of three bedrooms with balcony in front after fine wooden doors with curves of different decorations, floral sculpture both. The temple is open every day, and people of all religions can conclude.


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