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The highest Attractive place powerscourt waterfall in the Ireland

Powerscourt waterfall in Ireland 121 m (398 feet) and is 5 km from the "real estate". It is located in one of the most beautiful parks in Ireland in the foothills from the Wicklow.

You can also drive from gatilodgi to the waterfall is surrounded by beech and oak trees and pine trees planted for more than 200 years warzih. Search giant sequoias, which originate in Northern California, where it can grow up to 80 metres high and live 4,000 years where he is still young!

The waterfall is an ideal place for summer breezes and barbecues. There is a large amount of space to entertain children. There's also a playground for young children. But keep in mind other Garden residents! A haven for wildlife and children can buoy have fun trying to find out some of the local residents - brambling, cuckoo, Raven and willow Warbler. Another populations introduced in Ireland in 1858 sika deers and there peradventure a red squirrel or two.

Don't worry if you forget your picnic and there is also a kiosk on site which offers coffee and tea, hot dogs and ice cream. The kiosk is open every day from June 1 at the end of the month of August and throughout the weekend, weather permitting. There are parking and ample car toilet cascading. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash.

Take the time to research the roads winding through the plants and animals, walk along the wooded paths and listen to the song of the birds. Discover the first tourists to the waterfall bouerskort.


The waterfall is located 6 km from the estate of bouerskort. Dublin and Wexford - you take exit 8. After 2 km turn left towards aniskiri and follow the directions for the cascade of bouerskort. Here's a map of the waterfall of bouerskort.


Provide "trainers Dowling Norman tour diary for the cascade of bouerskort. They are also on other sites of historical and cultural along the way, until you can see the best County Wicklow has to offer. Contact lens Norman Dowling trainers to learn more!

Working time

• January/February/November/December 10:30 - 16:00

• March/April/May/October 10:30 - 17:30
• May, June, July, August 09:30 - 19:00
• Waterfall close 2 weeks prior to Christmas each year


• Adults €5.50, student/Senior: €5,00

• Child (U12) €3.50, children (U2) free
• Family ticket €16.00 (2 adults 3 children &)

Annual membership

• Annual subscriptions provide unlimited access to the bouerskort of real estate, the gardens and the waterfall during normal working hours.

Members enjoy exclusive accession to the 'bouerskort River Walk"has 3 km of quiet lanes and jungle paths. The way of bouerskort of "Viscount" in the "River Walk" in 1868 so that his family could enjoy the serenity 'dargli River.
• Individual membership costs €95,00 family €160,00 for 2 adults and capable four children. Please contact your annual pass purchase at the reception at the House of bouerskort or gatilodgi at the entrance to the waterfall. Learn more about the annual subscription of bouerskort.



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