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Best attractive places in the world"Taj Mahal"

We know that the "Crown" is one of the wonders of the world!
Someone knows he is one of the UNESCO World inheritance sites!
Anyone knows "The Crown" as a legend of the eternal love of the emperor for his favorites of the Queen!

taj mahal at night at full moon nights
EH well, "Taj Mahal" differences behind it all!
Therefore, the "Taj Mahal", don't forget to visit once more!

Come, walk along the path at the edge of the pool with fountains up reflects the shrine placed in the soft pure gold & marble with semi-precious stones, purely paradise located on the peace of the Queen with the King. Come to please unfold the pages from the past of violence outside its magical charm and enrich your imagination on this marvel epic in stone, 'Taj '!

best love story: Shah jahan and mumtaz mahal love story
Shah jahan and mumtaz mahal love story

Grace of perfection and the greatness of the geometric model of the gardens also promote the composed together poise add splendor to the sensitivity of the MAS this love and devotion and purity, 'Taj Mahal '!

Come swim in the epic of 'Taj Mahal', drawn out of the not of imagination but fact and try to epic, which are meetings of nothing other than perfect love!

Taj Mahal inside

Beauty lies down beholder! Maybe it's the "Taj Mahal", just the opposite assumption. The beauty of the Crown is personified! Displays the different moods of Crown through its various shades. The Crown has many shades could never have any sort of beauty! Milky the Crown in the morning, white rose, in the evening, when the moon shines gold and variable intermediaries during another hours of the daytime and during different seasons in years.
beautiful Taj mahal inside dome
Taj mahal inside dome
They painted the picturesque descriptions by historians of the time, the facts revealed by the scientists and archaeologists today & mounting of the reasons behind what makes each step, you can walk around the shrine, the next time you visit the Taj Mahal!

This time the look of the Crown will keep you immersed with ideas to impose your vision and will make you feel the comportment of Shah Jahan and maker and Mumtaz Mahal and the reason, as if accompanying you.

In fact a splendor breathtaking, that you wonder and eagerness that you tend to stop for awhile, but continue to look at the "Taj Mahal", you feel them standing next to you!

If you have a heart that beats and beat chimes, the purity of love in abundance! Certainly merit a visit to the "Crown", to the extent where the "Taj Mahal" worth a visit once and much more!
We arrived at the "Crown" proudly Hana! Bring the saga come alive! Provided, fall in love, all time!

Hours-visit Taj Mahal "Sunrise to sunset (closed on Friday) also other memorials - from sunrise to the sunset.

Entry Fee For Taj Mahal

S.No. Tourist Type Amount (Rs.) (Inclusive of ASI & ADA fees )
1. Foreign tourist
2. Citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries
3. Domestic/Indian Rs. 20/-
Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001, India

+91 562 222 6431
  1. For any price Heritage Sites tickets are available on Ticket Counters of global Heritage Sites in India.
  2.  A composite plant ticket of Taj Mahal (comprehensive of ASI & ADA fees) is usable at all World inheritance Sites in Republic of India.
  3. No Entry fee for kids below the old age of fifteen years. (both Domestic and Foreigner)

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  1. The interior dome picture with the latin words written along the rim is from St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. Good job guys